Hula That Hoop

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hulathathoop- hula hoopers unite
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1.Take hold of the hula hoop.

2.Lower it down to about ankle level.

3.Step into it (with both feet).

4.Bring it up to just below your waist.

5.Hold it with both hands and pull it forward so that it's resting against your back.

6.With both hands, fling the hoop to the left so that its inner edge rolls in a circle around your body. Do this a few times so that you get the feel of it.
7.Leave the hula hoop on the ground for a few minutes and practice your hip movements: Leaving your feet firmly planted about shoulder width apart, circle your pelvis (yes, just like Elvis!): left, back, right, forward. Do this a few times till you get the feel of it.

8.Put the movements together: As you fling the hoop to the left, bring your hips left to meet the hoop and then rotate them back and to the right and forward so that your hips are following the rotation of the hoop.

9.Keep the hoop going around your hips as long as you can. When it falls to the ground (as it inevitably will!) pick it up and try again.

Once you've mastered the basic motion, see how far you can walk without dropping the hoop. In Oakland, California, there's a woman who's lost more than a hundred pounds by hula-hooping her way around Lake Merritt, the city's recreational center.