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Hula That Hoop

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21st December 2010

brainsprinkles10:38pm: New hoop video!
Hey hoopers! I'm new to this community and just felt like posting a video of my progress!

21st July 2006

xaotica1:29pm: an introduction
hello :) when i am with my hula hoop, we look like this. my friend ariel runs hooping.org, devoted to the fine art of customized hula hoops & tricks. i someday dream of rockin' the fire hulahoop. i'm a seattle folk.

27th January 2006


I made some icons. Just like two or three. And I found a cute picture that I thought I'd post. :) I hope no one minds. Take the icons too. They're nothing special, but take them anyway.



Current Mood: hula-hoopy

26th January 2006

iluveyew11:51am: *Hula-Hooping Group in Santa Monica, CA*
Hi Everyone!

My name is Kristin & I just found & joined your little Hula-Hooping community. I recently started Hula-Hooping again (since I was a child) because of my dear friend Malia. Now that brings me to my post... Malia has started a massive Hula-Hooping revolution here in Southern California. We are uniting the world with one Hula-Hoop at a time. She even makes & sells her custom hula-hoops! If you are in the Southern California region and would like to check out this event, all the info is here:

Whether you're just curious or already passionate about hooping, head out to beautiful Santa Monica Beach this Sunday afternoon and join us for our weekly gathering of hoopy happiness! We are an informal group of acquaintances, strangers, and soon-to-be-friends who want to share the joy of hooping with each other and YOU! Here are all the details: (cross-posted on various sites)

p.s. if you're also on tribe.net add LA Hoopers!

-Santa Monica Beach, CA
-The grassy area South of the Pier. Located near the restrooms.
-Park for FREE (3 hours) in the mall parking lot.

-Sunday, January 29th 2pm - Sunset
-Afterwards, feel free to join us for dinner & a stroll on the Promenade!

-Your hoop (if you have one!)
-Your hoopy friends! (And non-hoopy friends too!)
-A jacket or sweater (It gets chilly after dark.)
-Your camera, some snacks, and a water bottle. :)

-What if I don't have a hoop?
Don't worry, we'll be glad to lend you one! We always bring extra hoops for our hoopless friends. Additionally, several LA hoopers who attend the group make & sell their own hoops in case you're interested in purchasing a hoop of your own! :)

-I don't know how to hoop! Can I still come?
YES! We would be thrilled to help you learn to hoop. The hoop group is also an ideal place to learn new hooping tricks & techniques.

-I don't know anyone who will be at the hoop group...
Then come on down and make some happy hooping friends! Just remember, we ALL started out not knowing anyone. :)

-I can't make it this weekend, when will the next hoop group be?
I assure you that any Sunday the sun is shining and I'm healthy and in town, I will be hosting a hoop group. Why? Because I'm absolutely committed to bringing the hooping community together and spreading the joy that hooping brings. If you would like to be added to my email distribution list for hoop group notifications, let me know!

OTHER QUESTIONS? Don't be shy, send me an email!: here

And in case you needed just a little bit more inspiration...

Here are just a few of the many reasons to come to a HOOP GROUP:
-To HOOP! Because you LOVE it. (Or will love it soon!)
-To meet other hoopers or just plain meet PEOPLE!
-To share ideas, tricks, stories, and laughter.
-To share the joy of hooping with the world!
-To help bring Los Angeles' scattered hooping community together.
-To enjoy a beautiful afternoon on the beach & the promenade.

Pictures from previous events: http://photobucket.com/albums/a257/maliapix/January%202006%20Hoop%20Groups/?start=all
Current Mood: creative

16th January 2006


check this out. some of them are pretty cool.
clairify12:45pm: Icons, yay, THAT I MADE! ! !
Icons that don't really have to do with hulahooping, but are generally good things to wear when hulahooping

Anyone can take them, have them, use them because they are awesome.


14th January 2006

hulahooping is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

3rd January 2006

clairify3:55pm: Here are all the icons I've made so far which any one can take! Yay!

All the icons so farCollapse )

2nd January 2006



1st January 2006

clairify2:26pm:                                                          Happy New Year!

31st December 2005

clairify12:49am: We can be like this

clairify12:20am: http://www.recordholders.org/en/list/hulahoop.html


30th December 2005



Maybe you love hula hooping, or maybe you've just never tried it. Hula hoops are not expensive and they are amazing. I can only hulahoop in one direction, but I can kick my legs and do fancy arm positions. Hopefully, you can do better.

Here you can post anything hula hoop related, or anything else you think is worthy of attention.

Ads will be deleted.
Large pictures or lots of pictures behind cuts please.
Awesomeness encouraged.

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